Meet Susan


About Susan Garth

Susan Garth began her professional cooking career in Saratoga Springs, NY, in 1993, and has been teaching cooking classes since 1995. She has partnered with Tracey Stewart, Four Seasons Natural Foods, and Wiawaka Center For Women. She's owned and operated her own restaurant and played host to countless cooking events, health/nutrition workshops and retreats. 

Today she works primarily with private clients, helping them eat healthier with creative menus focused on nutrient-dense, real foods. She also works one-on-one with select clients to overcome diet challenges and diet-related health concerns with a unique cooking and coaching approach.

Susan attended the Kushi Institute in Becket MA, in 1995, where she honed her knife skills and studied the art of macrobiotics - creating balance in the body through connecting with the natural world around us. She has been a recipe contributor and moderator for numerous nutrition/health websites throughout the early 2000’s, founded the original Weston A. Price chapter for NY’s capital region and received certification in Metabolic Typing in 2007. 

What People are Saying: 

Susan began cooking for our family back in August of 2007. Susan’s mastery of so many different cuisines turned us into happy homebodies. As I was getting ready to open a creative arts cafe for parents and children Susan helped us to develop the menu and set up our kitchen. She is always a great source of knowledge about food and health. My kids were always thrilled to have Susan in the kitchen because of her warmth and willingness to engage them in the process.  
- Tracey Stewart